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Crane End Beam
  • Crane End Beam
  • Crane End Beam
  • Crane End Beam
  • Crane End Beam

Crane End Beam

1.Reducer box+motor +brake three-in-one optimization integration design
2.The end beam is formed by rectangular steel pipe or welding, which is processed and formed in a single position by CNC machine tool. Steel material Q345B.
3.Each end beam is equipped with a double rim wheels group, buffer and derailment protection device.
4.The main beam and end beam are connected with high-strength bolts, which is convenient for transportation and installation, ensuring the accuracy and smooth operation of the whole machine.
5. European standard, frequency conversion control, A8 working system. It can achieve the functions: accurate positioning of load; Adjustable acceleration; Stable braking; Reduce shaking of lifting material; extend speed range.
6.Intelligent control system, high operation precision.

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