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What is an overhead crane and what can it do for us

Overhead cranes are lifting equipment for lifting materials horizontally over workshops, warehouses and storage yards.
As its ends sit on tall concrete pillars or metal supports, it looks like a bridge.
The bridge frame of the bridge crane runs longitudinally along the tracks laid on the elevated sides on both sides,
which can make full use of the space under the bridge frame to lift materials without being hindered by ground equipment.
It is the most widely used and largest number of lifting appliances.
The crane mainly includes a lifting mechanism, a running mechanism, a luffing mechanism, a slewing mechanism and a metal structure.
The lifting mechanism is the basic working mechanism of the crane. Most of them are composed of a suspension system and a winch.
There are also lifting and lowering weights through a hydraulic system. The running mechanism is used to move heavy objects vertically or adjust the working position of the crane,
and generally consists of a motor, a reducer, a brake and wheels.
The luffing mechanism is only equipped on the boom type crane. The amplitude decreases when the boom is raised, and the amplitude increases when it is lowered.
It is divided into two types: balanced and unbalanced.
The slewing mechanism is used to rotate the boom, and is composed of a driving device and a slewing support device. The metal structure is the skeleton of the crane.
The main load-bearing components such as bridges, booms, and masts can be box-shaped structures or truss structures, or web structures. Some types of steel can be used as supporting beams.
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