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The choice of jib crane

The choice of jib crane mainly considers the following three issues: mechanical maneuverability, stability and request for low specific pressure in the air, whether it is suitable to adopt a truss arm type (mechanical transmission) or a box-shaped telescopic arm type (hydraulic transmission), Can professional cantilever cranes be used?


1. Material loading and unloading, sporadic hoisting and construction operations that require quick access to the site, it is more appropriate to choose a car-type cantilever crane. If a hydraulic car cantilever crane with booms and outriggers is used; it is more advantageous; For window or hole operations, hydraulic car cantilever cranes are the most ideal lifting machinery.


2. When the hoisting project requires a large lifting capacity, a high device height, and a large range of lifting operations, it can choose a crawler or tire cantilever crane according to the existing mechanical conditions. If the air is soft and the driving conditions are poor, the crawler cantilever crane is the most suitable; if the air within the operating range is not allowed to be destroyed, the tire cantilever crane is the best.


3. When the construction conditions are limited and the cantilever crane is required to travel by weight (lifting is risky, if it is a last resort, the weight of the crane should be in accordance with the rules of the machine's application statement), and it can choose a crawler or tire cantilever crane. The tire-type cantilever crane has better maneuverability; the crawler-type cantilever crane has higher stability in weight.


4. Specialized operations should use professional cantilever cranes as much as possible. For example, the truck cantilever crane (YD type) can be used for the short interval transportation of sporadic goods. Originally, two mechanical operations for lifting and transportation were required, and now one can be completed.


5. Choose multi-purpose, high-efficiency and energy-saving cantilever crane products as much as possible. For example, when a construction site requires both self-lifting and tower cantilever crane, it should choose a self-supporting tower cantilever crane that provides lifting, so as to save the number of machines.

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