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Notes on the use of electric hoist

Notes on the use of electric hoist
Electric hoist is a common mechanical product in our machinery production process. In order to extend the service life of the machinery, we should pay attention to the following points in daily use
Notes on the use of electric hoist
(1) Do not lift objects connected to the ground.
(2) The limiter is not allowed to be used repeatedly as a travel switch.
(3) Please do not jog excessively.
(4) Do not pull other objects with a flashlight door wire.
(5) Be sure to cut off the power supply before maintenance and inspection.
(6) Maintenance and inspection work must be carried out under no-load conditions.
(7) Before use, please confirm whether the wedge is installed firmly and reliably.
(8) Special attention should be paid to the wearing parts during use.
(9) It is not allowed to simultaneously press two flashlight door buttons that move the electric hoist in the opposite direction.
(10) After the work is completed, the main gate of the power supply must be opened to cut off the power supply.
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