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Gate Hoist

Gate Hoist is used in various large water supply and drainage, water conservancy and hydropower projects.
 It is used to control the lifting of various large and medium-sized cast iron gates and steel gates to achieve the purpose of opening and closing.



1. The gate hoist includes a motor, a gate hoist, a frame, a protective cover, etc.; it adopts a three-stage deceleration method and a screw pair drive,
which has a larger output torque. The steel frame of the gate hoist overcomes the unevenness of civil construction to reduce the noise and vibration of the whole machine.



2. It adopts outdoor type long-time working motor with protection grade ≥IP55. The stroke control mechanism adopts the principle of decimal counter to control the stroke error of 0.5%.
Torque protection control is the principle of protecting electrical appliances by triggering the micro switch through the axial displacement of the worm.



3. Easy operation and maintenance, realizing on-site and remote control operation.

This is the picture of our newly produced gate hoist. Welcome to consult.


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