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Do you know what a pile driver is?

Do you know what a pile driver is?

Many people only know that there are gantry cranes and bridge cranes, but nobody knows about pile drivers. Today we will tell you what a pile driver is.

The pile driver is composed of pile hammer, pile frame and auxiliary equipment.

The pile hammer is attached between two parallel vertical guide bars (commonly known as gantry) at the front of the pile frame, and is lifted by a lifting hook.
The pile frame is a steel structure tower, and a hoist is provided at the rear of the pile frame for lifting piles and pile hammers.
There is a guide frame composed of two guide rods in front of the pile frame to control the direction of pile driving,
so that the pile can penetrate the ground accurately according to the design orientation.

The basic technical parameters of the pile driver are the impact part weight, impact kinetic energy and impact frequency.
According to the power source of movement, pile hammer can be divided into falling hammer, steam hammer, diesel hammer, hydraulic hammer and so on.

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